A new house brings new beginings

At the start of Quincy University’s spring 2022 semester, Phi Sigma Sigma received a new sorority house. Since 2001, the Phi Sigma Sigma house was located off campus at 840 N 20th St. Now the sorority is on campus at 900 N 18th St. Just one house away from Alpha Omicron Pi, another sorority on campus. This was just the first step in establishing a Greek row on campus.

“Greek Life has all been moved to live right next to each other, and is now being known as the Greek Row,” Kristen Hunt, senior member of Phi Sigma Sigma, said. “The purpose of this is so all of us are more involved with each other as well as there being a bigger overall Greek presence.”

“There are some huge plans for Greek Life in the future,” Graci White, president of Phi Sigma Sigma, said. “Now is the time to get involved and a new frat is going to be introduced.”

The old Phi Sigma Sigma house off 20th street.

Members of the sorority expressed how excited they were about moving to the new location.

“I like the new location a lot more,” Hunt said. “I feel more included on campus at this location, and I feel it’s an overall better spot for a sorority house.”

“I like the new location better it’s closer to the dorms,” Cheyenne Deweese, vice president of Phi Sigma Sigma, said. “It’s got a better entrance with a porch and a porch swing we never had before, and the steps are much better and easier to get up. It’s much more user friendly.”

“I love the new location since it’s actually on campus and I am excited to start fresh and live in the new house next semester,” White said.

The new Phi Sigma Sigma house off 18th street.

Overall, members view this new house as beneficial to the sorority’s current and future members.

“This new house benefits us because it’s closer to the other Panhellenic groups on campus,” Deweese said. “Also, it’s actually on campus so people don’t have to walk far to it and it’s nice to have a bit of an upgrade.”

“The new house benefits Phi Sig in a lot of ways. One being that this house is actually on campus so people can be more aware of our presence,” Hunt said. “Secondly, this house is a new space for the current Phi Sig members to really make it their own.”

“I personally believe the new house is going to help our sorority grow, as well as Greek Life,” White said. “We are definitely going to have a lot of bonding experiences moving houses and painting the new house.”

Phi Sigma Sigma is just one sorority/fraternity out of now five that see a bigger future ahead for Greek Life.

“This impacts all of Greek Life because we will be able to interact with each other all the time,” Hunt said. “Having all Greek Life in the same place hopefully will create more awareness of Greek Life in general and for more people to become a part of it.”

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