QU students are invited to a preview night

On March 31, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. Quincy Community Theater will be hosting a Preview Night for the upcoming musical Mame.

Any QU student, faculty, and staff member is welcome to attend the Preview Night. Tickets will cost $5 compared to the usual $25. This is an offer that usually only happens for the Preview Night. All other night’s tickets will be sold at their regular price.

“We want to make sure that theater can be as accessible as possible,” Brandon Thomsen, QCT Artistic Director, said. “We don’t want a ticket price to be an obstacle. So, we want to offer some kind of avenue where people can still appreciate high quality theater at a reduced rate.”

Some interested students expressed their thoughts on the reduced ticket price.

“I think it would be silly not to take advantage of a $5 ticket,” Zoey Griffin said.

“This sounds like a great opportunity,” Nick Siebert said. “With the tickets only being $5 that is perfect for college students. Especially for students that don’t usually get to go and participate in things like this.”

For anyone wanting more details on what the musical is about, Brandon Thomsen shared an overview of the musical storyline.

“The plot is kind of like a Hollywood favorite, where you’ve got this single person living their free, wild, carefree life,” Thomsen said. “Then suddenly a child is brought into their life and they inherit someone who needs them. In this case Mame is this life loving, wild, New York, bohemian, who is the life of the party. Who suddenly has her 10 year old, orphan, nephew show up at her door. It’s a plot Hollywood has used many times but it all goes back to Mame.”

Students also expressed their thoughts on how this is a really great opportunity.

“I definitely think QU students should take advantage of this,” Siebert said. “QCT is notorious for putting on amazing shows. Plus, it will give QU students the opportunity to try something new if they have never been to a show.”

“I will be attending the Preview Night,” Griffin said. “I am a part of the drama club here at QU. So we were so excited to get the invitation. I think any theater production is such a blast to watch.”

Preview Night is not just a great experience for the audience. It is also a great time for the actors to get experience with an audience before all of their upcoming performances.

“It would be nice to have people in the audience to get a sense of flow of the show and how people might respond to it. Laughs, applause, and things like that,” Thomsen said. “We like to invite test audiences to try it out a little bit. So, we invite schools, we’ve invited community organizations, and senior living facilities.”

For more information on Mame or any upcoming shows go to Quincy Community Theater.

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