Hawks battle on the gridiron to kick off homecoming fun

Megan Ganninger, a junior at Quincy University, has been participating in the powderpuff competition since she arrived on campus in 2019. Not only does she love the competitive spirit, but also enjoys playing a different sport with her friends and teammates. She also has an undefeated record that she hoped to keep intact.

Two Upperclassmen players, Megan Ganninger and Dannielle Robinson, are smiling next to each other during the pregame warmup on the field.
Megan Ganninger, left, and Danielle Robinson, right, getting ready for the first whistle for the game.

“We’ve won all four years we have been at Quincy and we’re experienced for sure… We don’t practice just because I have a lot of faith in my skills and I think we have a lot of strength across the team so we don’t focus on those little details. We do have some new coaches this year so if we lose it’s all on them,” Ganninger said. 

The Upperclassmen team, consisted of 16 players, are huddled together for a picture on their side of the field before the game.
The Upperclassmen, pictured, pose for a squad picture before the first whistle.

Powderpuff kicked off the homecoming festivities Sept. 28. Ganninger was part of the upperclassmen team in the annual competition and looked to keep success going under the coaches of Grant Hajicek and Tionne Harris of the Quincy football team. They looked to play a formidable underclassmen team with lots of speed on the outside. 

The underclassmen getting together for a pregame team photo, with one girl on top of another's shoulders to flex to the camera.
The Underclassmen, pictured, looking for an upset on the night.

The game got off to a fast start, with the upperclassmen team making an early surge in the game with two long rushing touchdowns to give them a 12-0 lead early in the second quarter. Kelly McClure also made some key throws in those drives to keep their possession alive.

Many unexpected big hits came into play, which excited the crowd that showed up. 

“I love when the school gets out to make events like this to show their spirit to everyone and it feels like we’re one big family out here. I think the women’s lacrosse team will go far in this competition… they’re going all the way to the championship in powderpuff football,” Jayme Brain, student body leader, said. 

a view of the stands from Powderpuff and the fans looking intrigued in the game.
QU students come to support the girls in a very wet and sloppy night in Quincy.

 After a powerful first half performance, the upperclassmen took an 18-0 halftime lead into the break. During halftime QU highlighted the homecoming nominees for the weekend and gave them a night in the spotlight. Each representative class got their own recognition for the event.

Cheyenne DeWeese, homecoming nominee, thinks this night is special.

“I think it’s awesome that we all get our own recognition for homecoming. I wasn’t expecting to be nominated again so I feel like I already know the routine for the week which makes it a lot easier for me. It also gives me an excuse to come out here so I can support my friends in the game anyway,” DeWeese said. 

The upperclassmen continued their dominance in the second half and we’re able to cruise to an easy 30-6 victory. While the game was all in good fun, the upperclassmen celebrated their victory and gave a hard time to their underclassmen teammates. Ganninger and company were able to complete their perfect 4-0 record in powderpuff games and end their college career at the top of the mountain.

The night was a competitive kicked off the rest of the events QU hosted Homecoming Weekend.

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