AC shutdowns caused overheated rooms last fall

The Student Living Center is the hottest place to live on campus for all students, both figuratively and literally.

The fall semester of 2022, students living in the SLC have experienced constant breakdowns and shutdowns of their AC units.

The rooms have reached up to 84 degrees on hot summer days, and even on days during this unusually hot fall season.

“It is really upsetting coming home from a hot practice to a dorm that is 80 degrees with no way to cool it down, especially since we pay a great deal of money to stay in the dorms,” Bailey Mitchell said.

Mitchell explained that she tried everything to keep her room as cool as possible, even using fans in every room with the windows down.

Nothing seemed to work for her as the expensive AC units continued to breakdown every other week.

When she sees the flashing light on her unit, she knows her AC will be broken down for a long period of time, only pushing out unnecessary hot air.

Mitchell’s room is not the only room experiencing problems with the AC.

Lauren Kroeger and Cheyenne DeWeese have experienced the same problem as Mitchell and her roommate.

“The constant breakdown of the AC in the SLC is very frustrating, especially with the weather lately. There’s times where it’s in the upper 80’s and doing anything at all makes you sweat. Then when you wake up it can be freezing in your room. It really makes my own living space so uncomfortable when I cannot keep it at a decent temperature,” Kroeger said.

The lack of consistency of the room temperatures have made it hard for students to study, sleep, and live comfortably on campus.

Couple these factors with the expensive room and board charges, students living in the SLC have become extremely frustrated over living in one of the nicer dorms on campus.

“I just feel like we pay a lot of money to stay in the dorms and my AC has consistently been broken this entire year. It has not worked for a whole week without shutting off and it gets really hot. You cannot open a window or use a fan because it is still warm outside. For the amount of money you have to pay, especially in the SLC because it’s so nice, I feel like the AC should work better. I have heard from people that have graduated that was the problem they had with the SLC,” DeWeese said.

Mitchell, DeWeese, and Kroeger all report that their AC units are still broken and flashing error signs.

Those three, along with other residents of the SLC, anxiously wait for their AC units to work properly without them having to constantly submit work orders and deal with hot temperatures in their rooms during hot days.

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