Quincy football entering a new phase

Three football players standing together in a group picture from media day

Quincy University Football is on a revenge tour after suffering a 4-7 2022 season. With signing 48 new players on National Signing Day, the Hawks look to begin a new phase of the football program. Head coach Gary Bass is hoping to mold these players into one giant unstoppable force and it all starts with spring training. 

The Hawks football team began spring training less than a month ago and players have already began to connect and improve as a team more than just individually.

“The team has been working on getting stronger, faster, agile, and versatile with our morning lifts and improving our discipline as a team and building the culture of leadership,” David Tabakovic, a junior on the Hawks defensive line, said.

Plenty of other teammates and coaches are excited for the newly recruited transfers that have arrived this semester and ones that are coming in the fall semester.

“We are very happy with the transfers we recruited and signed over the winter break going into spring. I know they will contribute a tremendous amount of help to both sides of the ball and be able to get out on the field make plays for us,” Tabakovic said.

Players say playing as a team is a key factor for success.

“Playing as a whole team not as individuals or for selfish reasons for four full quarters. The defense needs to stand behind the offense no matter what and vice versa, same with special teams, all three units matter to winning a football game and we need to make sure that we don’t turn against each other whenever we’re facing a deficit,” Tabakovic said.

“The key factors for success for QU football are everyone having the same mindset playing for the guy next to them and for everyone to continue to keep putting in work now to perform better next fall,” Chase Krug, freshman offensive tackle, said.

“I’m excited for next season, right now we’re taking it day by day and focusing on improving ourselves over the off season and it’s safe to say that’s the mindset for the rest of the players. We do have high expectations with the weapons we have and we know what we’re capable of with the talent and brotherhood we have. We know what has to be done in order to have the season we want next fall,” Tabakovic said.

“My expectations for this upcoming season would be to be a better team than we were last season and to be the most physical team there is,” Krug said.

Both the offensive and defensive players are saying similar things. So, it sounds like both side will be on the same page going throughout the season. The Hawks ‘revenge tour’ is finished putting gas in the bus and is ready to hit the highway with their first game of the season at home, the first out of five straight home games to start the season.

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