GLVC rewards select students for Extra Credit broadcast experience

Every year during the school year, the GLVC hosts the GLVCSN Extra Credit opportunity. 

The event is for students across the GLVC to participate in the production of a broadcast for basketball games in the GLVC tournament. 

The event is hosted by Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO. Lindenwood was a part of the GLVC for many years but recently went to Division I. They are a neutral site and are under contract for the rest of this year. 

Students interview GLVC Commissioner Jim Naumovich.
Parker Lymenstull (seated center) interviews GLVC Commissioner Jim Naumovich (standing).

The GLVC Extra Credit opportunity started in 2015, allowing a total of eight members across five schools to participate, but gained more students to cover different games and break into sub-sections.

The program ran into trouble with COVID-19 in 2021. This led to not as many students being a part of the broadcast in 2022. Now everyone participates in two games in total.

UIndy sophomore Evan Wilks interviews Jim Naumovich in the
first-ever GLVC Extra Credit opportunity in 2015.

The jobs that are given as an opportunity are play-by-play, analyst, production truck, stats/script, social media, stat runner, and sideline reporter. 

The GLVC tournament takes place March 2-5. The program provides the students an opportunity to take over two GLVCSN broadcasts and control the coverage from start to finish while working on game operations and media relations. 

The GLVC Extra Credit is run by GLVC Commissioner Jim Naumovich and Assistant Commissioner Lindsey Williams.

Jim Naumovich was a student at Quincy University receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication. He was Athletic Director for eight years and Director of Public Relations for QU as well. 

“The extra credit program is all about giving back to the students and giving them an opportunity to partake on the big stage like the GLVC tournament. It gives them an opportunity to learn the ropes of broadcasting and explore their passions,” Naumovich said. 

Lindsey Williams sends out emails to explain the details of running the events and how to prepare for them before students arrive. 

“I love the idea of bringing in fresh faces to challenge themselves with new difficulties, but understanding that mistakes happen. It helps them learn and grow as individuals, especially if they plan to pursue this career path later in life,” Williams said.

The GLVCSN gives the opportunity to six total students across the GLVC, including Quincy University sophomores Parker Lymenstull and Anthony Lundy.

“I think that the experience overall was amazing. The staff was fantastic and understanding of mistakes that were made,” Lymenstull said. “It brought a whole new level to broadcasting that I would love to see incorporated at QU more, like sideline reporters.”

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