Brendan Moore is a friend to many

This is a picture of Brendan Moore flying a plane.

Brendan Moore is a 21 year old senior who majors in aviation and science at Quincy University.

Moore is working hard to get his bachelors in his respected fields but when he is not in class he has a lot of time to other activities. Moore in his free time loves going out to Westview Golf Course and playing a round of golf with friends. Moore in his free time will also go on walks, workout, play video games and try some of Quincy’s local restaurants.

“Brendan is so fun to play golf with, even though we haven’t played in while it always fun to be around him,” Brandon Pickus said. “I have not seen him in a while but last time I talked to him he was talking about getting together and going to play a round of golf, which is always fun with Brendan even when I’m playing bad.”

Brendan Moore tees up a shot while playing golf in his free time.

More QU students have praised how fun of a person Moore is and all the cool things that he does. Moore likes to always be doing something so no wonder other students and friends of Moore love being around him and talk so highly of him. Moore loves being around people and doing fun things no matter what they are.

“I’m a big gamer so it is always fun to have someone to play with and Brendan is always down to play some games with me,” Simon Brush said. “Brendan doesn’t really care what we play when it comes to video games, he just wants to be hanging out with his boys no matter if it is in person or even online. Brendan also is a very good guy that I know if I got into some trouble or what not I could call him, and he would be there for me.”

There are QU students who are not as close as others with Moore, but they still speak highly of him. Students who haven’t seen Moore in a while still like hanging out with him when they get the chance and remember the times when they would hang out. Students even though some haven’t seen him are still wanting to hang out and reconnect with Moore.

“I haven’t seen Brendan in while but I do miss him,” Joey Lyon said. “Brendan used to be my RA when I was a freshman, he may have not done the greatest job but he was a great guy to be around. We used to play video games together in his room like “MLB the Show” which was very fun but I haven’t really seen him a lot lately. I sometimes see him working out at the HFC, but other than that I don’t really see him. I hope me and him can get together and hang out sometime soon.”

Brendan Moore seems to have a lot of good relationships and past relationships with QU students. Students speak very highly of him and enjoy him company when they get the chance.

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