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QUestion: Should Chicago become the 51st state?

By: Emma Hoyt As of Thursday Feb. 7, 2019, three Illinois republicans are in pursuit of making Chicago the 51st state, hitting close to home for Quincy University students. Daniela Mancilla, a freshman at Quincy University, is from Chicago. “I love Chicago! I am very proud to say that I’m from Chicago. I love the city life. I love the

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Will Amtrak Remain Available for Quincy Students?

Recently  a group called Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission (MIPRC) has been doing a study and research based upon how often college students in the Midwest travel on the train, using Amtrak to go back and forth between home and school. The study was conducted in November 2015-February 2016. MIPRC focused on 6 states and 30 colleges and Universities across the Midwest.

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