Q and A With Ray Heilmann

Q and A with Ray Heilmann
By Scottie Bruxvoort
What led you to Quincy University? After a 39 year career at Quincy Notre Dame High School, I retired in the end of June 2012. A position opened at QU, Director of Student Teaching and Off-Campus Studies. I interviewed for the position and began my QU career on August 1, 2012.
What is your biggest accomplishment? I view it as a work in progress. I want to be the best husband, father, grandfather, teacher, and friend possible. Only at the end of my life will I realize my biggest accomplishment.
What is your position at QU? I have served the university as Director of Student Teaching and Off-Campus Studies. In addition, since January, I have been working with the Admissions Office and have been serving as QU’s Interim Faculty Athletics Representative while Dr. Coffey is on a medical leave of absence.
Take us through a normal day in the life of Ray Heilmann. I normally arrive on campus around 8am. I try to make the “Morning Office” prayer service, 9am-9:15am, in the QU Chapel as many days as possible. I have a number of advisees, so it is always enjoyable to have them visit my office to discuss their academic journey at QU. I schedule evaluations of student teachers during the course of the week. On Tuesdays, from 4-5:30pm, I attend Mrs. Rubottom’s Student Teaching Seminar class. During B session of the semester, I teach a Senior Year Experience class on Monday evenings from 5pm-6:40pm. I am available for anything related to the School of Education or the university in general. In addition, I schedule a work out at the Health & Fitness Center every day.
What brings you the greatest happiness with your job? Relationships with students and staff bring the greatest happiness to me. This is an institution that thrives on people knowing each other and working together for lofty goals. I have a great respect for the profession of education. It is heartwarming to see the quality of student teachers and their eventual movement into a teaching position after graduation.
How do you see the current standing of Quincy University academics? Knowing the dedication and work ethic of the faculty members, I believe the academic standing of QU is very high. What I have heard from students is instructors challenge them in all classes, but are also available for assistance at any time. There is a great blend of academic rigor and student assistance.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I hope to be a part of the QU Family and working with students, teachers, and staff in any capacity.
Why are you proud to be a member of Quincy University? There are so many reasons: (1) the reality of the Franciscan Mission Statement impacting every aspect of the university, (2) the incredible work ethic and dedication of every employee of the university, (3) the personal engagement with students, both in class and outside class, (4) the diversity of the student body that provides so much richness to the entire campus, and (5) the congeniality and welcoming attitude of everyone connected to the university.

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