Former QU Student Cast on Hit Series Empire


By Scottie Bruxvoort

When Ola Osundairo graduated from Quincy University he was unsure of the direction that he wanted to take with his profession. Osundairo was a member of the Quincy University football program and graduated with a business management degree. Recently, Osundairo was provided an opportunity to have a role on FOX with the hit television series Empire. The plot of Empire is a hip-hop mogul that must choose between his three sons who are battling for control over his multi-million dollar company, while his ex-wife schemes to get what’s hers. Osundairo has an interesting role with the show.
“I played a prison inmate” Said Osundairo.
“I was handpicked by the director to play as Chris Rock’s bodyguard in prison.”
Osundairo had previously heard about the show, however was not an avid watcher of the series.
“I actually started watching the show when I was cast to be on it.” Said Osundairo.
“Ever since then I have been staying tune.”
A casting agency was responsible for connecting Osundairo with the opportunity to be on Empire. The ability to have connections is something that Osundairo gives his experience at Quincy University credit for.
“My time at QU prepared me and taught me how to conduct myself and behave professionally around a large group of people.” Said Osundairo. “On set you meet so many people that you have been watching on TV your whole life, and to actually hold a conversation with them is intimidating at first.”
Osundairo’s personality and social skills learned at Quincy University allow him to be prepared when he is on set.
“Your personality is very important when it comes to acting, and QU plays a huge role in who I am today.” Said Osundairo.
As to where Osundairo sees himself in regard to the future of his acting career, he has big goals.
“I want to be in Hollywood.” Said Osundairo.
“This is just the beginning for me, I have been working hard to get on more shows and plan on doing some independent movies in the near future.” Osundairo has remained grounded and humble throughout this acting experience.
“By the grace of God I plan on taking this acting career as far as I can.” Said Osundairo.

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