Quincy University presents The Haunted Asylum

by Marc Everhart

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays on university campuses across the nation. Students usually go all out with the celebrations, and Halloween festive parties are the norm. This year, Halloween falls on the weekend, and Quincy University is having a haunted house at its North Campus. By way of the CEO Club, Quincy University is hosting the Haunted Asylum at the North Campus Retreat Center. This location on-campus has a history of paranormal activity, which makes it the perfect location for the event. The goal of the haunted house is to escape the asylum, alive. According to CEO member and creative designer Tot Peck, the asylum will be “an experience that Quincy has never seen. Be ready to be spooked out of your pants”. Other events at the Asylum include games and other fun activities outside of the building. The Asylum is a nice way to safely enjoy your holiday weekend on-campus with some of your peers. Food will be available by way of TrippyChef, an on-campus catering business. Some of the items on the menu that night will include funnel cakes as well as bacon wrapped macaroni and cheese hot dogs. Come on out and support the CEO Club, and enjoy an event that’s sure to spook you senseless!

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