So close, but not quite!

By: Cleanna Moore- Tough lost for Quincy Hawks Men`s volleyball against McKendree University Bearcats last night. After falling behind two matches, the Hawks played tough, coming back winning two straight matches.

Senior Ian Lawson receive a ball.

Senior Ian Lawson

The 5th and final match, was for the win. As McKendree won the coin toss for first serve to control the game, there were multiple ties throughout the final match. Hawks had two serving possessions near the end of the match, to take control and lead for the victory. But with both possession the serve could not make it over the net.

Senior Chris Chappelle lead the team with 16 kills, 2 blocks, and 2 aces. Junior, Jarrod Kelso came through leading the team with 5 blocks, 12 kills, and 1 ace. and Senior Ian Lawson contributed with 9 kills, 1 block, and 1 ace.

Tough loss, but very competitive and intense game as players exchanged words through the net and played hard.

Hopefully Hawks can snatch a win at tonight’s game against Lindenwood at 7pm in the Pepsi Arena.


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