The Snow was slow this year.

Chris Chappell’e –

For many upper-class students, it is expected for snow to start covering the pavement during the last month of Fall semester.

Surprisingly, as cold as the winter has grown to be, the snow was still delayed at QU. Many were not complaining about its late arrival, although the wind-chill still brought out the best of their winter clothes.


Students from outside the Midwest region, such as Shane McAdams from Arizona and Nyjaee Washington from Las Vegas, the slow start to the snow was ‘all good’.


“Once the winter comes, I’ll really be light skin. I’ll be glowing. Looking real saucy,” Nyjaee Washington said before the snow arrived.

Nonetheless, Arizona and Las Vegas are just a few to mention from of the list traveling student’s hometowns. Los Angeles and Hawaii are a couple more from the list, and it still doesn’t stop there.

Now that the snow is here, some complaints begin to arise, from the early AM snow blowing, to the black ice that may catch a student off guard and make them tumble. On the other hand, students like Anthony Winter from Ohio, has no problem with the climate.


As the weather begins to fluctuate, from cold and windy to sunny and rainy, it is overall, how the weather is here at Quincy University.

Stay warm and be safe, Students!

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