Tubas not togas, KKP honorary band fraternity focused on service

By: Rebeka Porter

Kappa Kappa Psi Lambda Chi is the honorary band fraternity at Quincy University. QU’s chapter formed in 2006 and has continued to grow  with the band.

KKP isn’t like other fraternities. Instead of only having male members, KKP is co-ed. Females are also allowed to be called “brothers” and members of the fraternity. KKP is an organization dedicated to helping the band community on and off campus, like playing or singing for veteran homes and helping the Salvation Army.

“Kappa Kappa Psi is a family in which we are closely bounded to our views through music and brotherhood,” sophomore Tailor Faught, historian of KKP, said.

Bohumil Makovsky, founder of KPP, started the organization on Nov. 27, 1919, in Stillwater Oklahoma.

KKP consists of many chapters located throughout the entire United States. Each chapter has to answer to a district and national headquarters. A national convention is held every year for all the chapters across America.

One annual popular project is the Petting Zoo, which includes instruments, not animals. This event allows children, in the community, an opportunity to find their passion for music, to try out each instrument and see which one is their favorite.

“It means a great deal in my life. I believe that it has made an impact in my life that nothing else could have. I am no longer quiet and reserved and my leadership skills have grown,” senior Miranda Guyer, current committee head of fundraising and former president of KKP said.

KKP helps to create a safe and fun environment for all involved; it is a fun and positive place for band members.

At the beginning of each new school year, KKP invites members of the band to join its fraternity. The members must meet the criteria that the organization values and strives to uphold in each of its chapters.

There are 11 active members in KKP. The fraternity is in the process of initiating eight new members.



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