Over 60 Years of Hawk Pride

By Brayden Nuessen

A dedicated Quincy University Hawks fan has spent more than 60 years cheering for the  Hawks. Pat Creek’s father’s home once stood where the Health and Fitness Center stands today.

Leroy Sprick, lived with his father and grandmother between 18th and 20th on Oak street, which is where the swimming pool and parking lot now stand.

Pat Creek, Sprick’s daughter, explained that Sprick was born in 1914. When he was 5, his mother and grandfather passed away. Sprick bought the house so it stayed in the family.

In the 1990’s the university bought the property, along with the other houses, and tore them down.The university wanted to expand Pepsi Arena and build the Heath and Fitness Center.Her father knew it was going to happen and he was happy for the university.

Creek’s father was a baseball star and was almost a player for the St.Louis Cardinals baseball team. It all started when Mart Heinen, a legend for QU athletics, asked Leroy to play on his American Legion baseball team.

“Another player got the job and they told my father that you come back in the fall and guarantee you a position on the team but only hold his job for one week,” Creek said. “My dad was getting married the next summer and didn’t want to take a chance that he lose his girl, so he never followed his dream.”

Many years later, Creek’s 3rd grade teacher was married to Harry Forrester, and was the basketball coach at Quincy College (University).

“I got to start coming to basketball games at Quincy College from the time I was in 3rd grade to all the way through,” Creek said. “Every year, I made sure that Quincy College (University) was the part of my life.”

Her dad came to as many basketball games as he could.

“My parents started out in the bleachers and then got a chance to sit at the box (where the president currently sits), then my parents met some people (who) wanted them to sit at the box where we currently are right now,” Creek said.

Creek and her husband attend as many games as they can.

“I am still young and happy to be part of Quincy University,” Creek said.




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