QU’s Culture Is Lost

By Roza Panos

Quincy University is known for its commitment to service learning and Franciscan traditions, but students  feel saddened that other  traditions have disappeared.

Senior, Rebeka Porter, says she would like to see more student events on campus. She feels like QU is targeting the community instead of students.

“I remember my freshman year; there were so many events and things to go to,” Porter said.

Porter also said that the events she has heard of are either off-campus or students have to pay a small price to attend. One event she really misses is the Rootbeer Kegger from her 2013-14 school year.

“QU changed the setup my sophomore year and I didn’t like it,” Porter said.

Porter believes that QU’s heritage has been lost, but despite all of that, has enjoyed her time here.

Senior, Robert Keller, would like to see more events like Hawk Wild, which is a three day event of olympics for students to compete against each other.

“It’s just a lot of fun with your friends and everyone from the school,” Keller said.

Hawk Wild happens once a year, but Keller would like QU to do it more often. Keller believes events like Hawk Wild are a great way to meet friends, be a part of QU, and a chance to live the college life.

Director of Development, Alumni and Community Relations, Matt Bergman, who is also an alumnus of QU, remembers the Hawk’s Nest the most. He said that when he started working at QU, a lot of traditions had disappeared.

“The Hawk’s Nest used to be open all the time, and students of age had mugs with their names on it that they kept in the Hawk’s Nest,” Bergman said

Bergman  wishes more traditions would come back to QU.

However, according to Senior Annie Arment, one tradition has not been lost. Penny Lane allows students to gather and express their art. They can showcase what they belong to at QU.

“I love walking on penny lane because I know it is something that will never be lost,” Arment said.

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