Matt Anderson For President

What is your motivation for running?

I’m not only a student but a father, businessman, and veteran. I feel a responsibility for these reason to step up in a time of need to ensure that student interests are maintained and by the administration and board, to do my part to maintain student moral throughout a time where certain financial decisions may not seem to be in their best interest and to ensure that through recovery process that Quincy University maintains its promise  to our students to provide liberal arts education for all who attend.

Why do you feel that you best represent the students of Quincy University?

The first that comes to mind is my practical experience both in business and in life. When I decide to do something such as run for president. I resort to is an evalaution of the values that were engrained into my foundation during my time time in the army and can be applied within the duties of president of SGA.

What do you think the role of SGA is for students? Specifically?

I see SGA holding three main responsibilities to 1. Act as vector to facilitate communication from the administration to the student body, to regulate and utilize SGA funds in the best interest of as many students as possible.

What is your campaign strategy?

To learn what issues matter the most to the student body and to work towards developing competent solutions to curve the concern with the issues. I hope to provide more details of the current state of the budget over the upcoming week after having the opportunity to meet with both faculty and members of the student base.

How do you hope SGA tackles the recovery? How you hope SGA will be involved? Students? Teachers?

SGA leadership needs to be involved from the highest levels to the lowest. I will be involved at every level and that is my promise. Every group within the school needs to equally represented by firm but fair representation to draw everyone together and into the financial rebuilding effort. Firm management over the SGA and a voice to lobby our needs to the other levels of administration.

It will be difficult to increase any budget that the school provides for SGA. Do you think you can get your ideas done within the current budget?  If not, what ideas do you have for raising the budget?

You have to work with what you have. If there isn’t room to increase the budget, then you don’t increase the budget. Funds will have to be carefully monitored and utilized according to either raise additional revenue for SGA or to a restructure the budget for better utilize funds as they stand.

What experience do you bring to the job that you are applying for?

I’ve currently act in an executive capacity in my full time job as Chief Operating Officer at a local consulting firm. I handle marketing and budgeting. I have developed and launched two new products to market with both services returning on their investment within the first 6 months. I spent my final three years of military service  in a leadership role where I managed the training of well-being of up to 50 soldiers. I maintained direct responsibility for government equipment with zero loss.

What is your favorite thing about QU?

The people. Without the people, a university is nothing. We make QU what it is. We students are the future QU has great people all throughout the makeup of the university.

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