Award-Winning Author Walks the Halls of QU

By Anna Konczak and Abigail Moore

Quincy University’s Dr. Matthew Bates, Associate Professor of Theology, has received numerous recognitions for his book, Salvation by Allegiance Alone. The book was named the overall winner across multiple categories and subfields within biblical studies, theology, church history, science and faith.

Salvation by Allegiance Alone was also named the Jesus Creed 2017 Book of the Year. Jesus Creed is considered one of the most popular and influential blogs for Christian academics, pastors, and church leaders. It was also listed among Best Books of the Year 2017 for The Englewood Review of Books.

“I write because certain ideas are burning in my bones, ideas that I urgently want to communicate. Yet, like most authors, I am not writing for my own health. I want to attract readers. Meanwhile torrents of new books flood the market each year, especially Christian literature…it is an honor to have a book singled out for its excellence,” Bates said.

In addition to the Jesus Creed award, Salvation by Allegiance Alone was also selected as one of the best 10 recent books, published from 2015-17, in the field of New Testament Studies in the magazine Christian Century (October 2017 issue). The book was composed to be an assistance to Christians growing in their faith.

Salvation by Allegiance Alone was written to help Christians reassess the meaning of fundamentals such as ‘faith’ and ‘the gospel’. What’s the burning idea in this book? Christian teaching about salvation needs to put allegiance to Jesus as king at the center,” Bates said.

The public can learn more about Bates, Salvation by Allegiance Alone, along with other articles, interviews and podcasts by Bates by visiting his website.

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