Top 5 local Quincy restaurants for college students

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By Juliana Basler

Here I am being a typical college student, sitting at Starbucks on a Friday afternoon stressing about how to get everything done in a matter of two months. College is definitely stressful with classes, homework, projects, relationships and money.

Money is definitely one of the top stressors in college. I know from personal experience how stressful money is with being a full-time college student. I can’t imagine having a part time job right now with all I have with school alone this semester.

College students still like to go off campus and have fun without spending lots of money. There is a solution. Here in Quincy, there are some great restaurants that you get a good amount of food for not a bad price for the “on a tight budget” college student.  

Chicks On The River

Chicks is a QU student favorite in Quincy. It is located on the riverfront and is a chicken based restaurant and known for the famous “Lips”. Lips are a fried thick chicken strip and covered in their famous Lip Sauce. This is a great restaurant to go to for a great amount of food for a decent price.

El Rancherito

Known as El Ranch, this is the most popular Mexican restaurant for the students of QU. They have delicious Mexican food and good portions. They are known for good margaritas but be careful because they are big. The prices are not bad when the craving for restaurant chips and salsa.  

Tower Pizza

Restaurant with pizza and Mexican together is a Quincy tradition. Yes it is true Tower is a restaurant that offers both pizza and Mexican. This is a great place for QU students to go for pizza on Monday’s and Tuesdays for the half priced pizza! Can’t beat half priced, good pizza.


Even us college students want to have a fancy dinner every once in awhile. Tiramisu, one of the few Italian restaurants here in Quincy, is the perfect fancy dinner restaurant for QU students. It is lined with white table cloths and low lighting but has amazing Italian food. It is worth the extra money for a fancy meal here.

Fuji Japanese Steakhouse

College students get random cravings for sushi. Fuji is the right place to buy some as the sushi is freshly made to order along with the sexy sauce. Yes- I said sexy sauce, which is Fujis signature sauce and is amazing! With lots of food options with good portions, Fuji is the popular place for sushi and steakhouse food for QU students. Be careful as dinner prices are more costly than the lunch prices for the same amount of food.  

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