Where Are They Now?

Quincy Women’s Soccer team graduate Krystal Felderman is fully living out the “Hawks Fly High” phrase. After graduating from the university in 2017 from the aviation program, she is now a full time pilot on a King Air 200.

Now based in Melbourne, Florida, Felderman is loving her new occupation with the Davinci Jets company.

“It was a nice move,” Felderman said. “Sunny, warm and beachside. Doesn’t get any better than that!” she continued.

Krystal was a goalie for the Hawks Women’s Soccer team when she attended the university. Using it to his advantage, former Head Coach Dave Musso had Felderman take him up in her plane with former Assistant Coach Jen Ogren.

“The flight we experienced with Krystal was amazing!” said Musso. “After always seeing her compete on the soccer field it was extremely cool seeing her so passionate, organized, and professional in flying,” he continued.

Not everything about her big move to Florida from Quincy was good, though. Felderman still says she struggles with being far from her hometown of Cary, Illinois, and seeing all of her close Quincy friends.

“I miss my friends and the Quincy traditions,” said Felderman when asked what she misses most about Quincy. “After flying to a lot of different cities and talking to other pilots it made me really appreciate the flight school I came from too. Our chief flight instructor did a lot for the program,” she continued.

She credits much of her success to not only the program Quincy supplied for her, but also her instructor, Andrew Dow.

“I couldn’t have the amazing job I have now if it was not for Dow,” said Felderman.

The things she struggles with at her new job, like homesickness and distance, are overlapped with positives her company has allowed her to experience. She says everyone is very fun to work with and they create a family-like relationship with her and all the other pilots.

“When you’re away from home you generally go to dinner with your captain or co pilot, sometimes your passengers too!” Krystal mentioned. “Not to mention you eat at the best restaurants when you’re on the road,” she said.

Quincy University did a good job leaving a impression on Krystal that would follow her forever. Coming from a sports team at Quincy has helped her carry over many positive traits and qualities she learned to her work world.

“I learned a lot about time management and teamwork through playing sports,” Krystal said. “As a pilot, you prioritize tasks within the crew and work together to have a good flight. Just like soccer, you are on the road a lot and make the most of it and have a lot of fun with your teammates or flight crew.”

Krystal is only one of several Quincy students that went through the flight school capable to handle the job. There are many tactical lessons and schooling that goes in to becoming a pilot, including learning how to handle the lives of your passengers. With Felderman’s hard work and dedication she put in to the program, she was able to graduate with high academic success that led her to an incredible job opportunity. She has the Quincy flight school and Quincy Women’s Soccer team to thank for that.

“On the field or in the air, you always have a family,” Felderman said.

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