Lacrosse Revisits Quincy

Quincy University recently added a new team to their long list of existing sports on campus, and the school could not be more excited.

Last summer, the GLVC, Great Lakes Valley Conference, added lacrosse to their sports program, and Quincy could not wait to jump on board. They are currently in the process of hiring on head coaches for new men’s and women’s lacrosse teams. With many potential applicants, Vice President of Intercollegiate Athletics Marty Bell says that he is excited to move forward.

“Lacrosse is the number one growing sport in the United States….it is the highest growth rate since 2001,” says Bell.

The addition of the new football stadium in between main and north campus was not only for the football team, but shared purpose for the soon to be lacrosse team at the university. If noticed, there are already lines on the field representing a lacrosse field.

With confidence the sport will have huge success at QU, Bell says it is a great tool not only for expansion of the sports department, but also a good tool for recruitment of diversity.

“Part of the plan with the stadium was that on the surface it appeared to be a facility upgrade, but it was really a facility upgrade to create enrollment,” says Bell. “It could be a tool to recruit new baseball players, football players, and obviously men’s and women’s lacrosse,” he continued.

Both of the teams have been in the works for a few years now, after going public with the team last year that unfortunately had to be postponed until a later date. Now with the hiring process taking full speed ahead, Quincy is able to announce once more that they are creating a lacrosse program.

Director of Athletic Communications Ryan Snyder is excited to add another sport to the roster, and continue to help Quincy grow in the GLVC.

“It’s a great chance for the university to get new students from different areas, different backgrounds and regions. We are excited about it in QU Athletics because it will be our 18th and 19th NCAA teams,” says Snyder.

The men’s lacrosse team will enter in to the GLVC once they get the team together. Snyder says the women’s team will take more research in to what conference they will start in. He says he hopes the GLVC will continue to expand, and is in the works of adding women’s lacrosse in to their conference.

Quincy continues to strive and look for ways to add expansion and diversity within the university. Students from all over can continue to look for athletic and academic success through the halls of Quincy University, and the lacrosse program will be another stepping stone to work towards this success.

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