QU Couple Named Alumni of the Year

By Ashlynn Worley

Quincy University faculty and administrators keep strong ties with its community and students long after graduation.

With over 13,000 alumni and counting, Quincy University likes to recognize those who continue to serve and support the QU community.

QU has announced the recipients of the 2018 Bill O’Donnell Distinguished Alumni of the Year award.

George Meyer and Mary Nell (Frier) Meyer graduated from Quincy University, formerly known as Quincy College, with the class of 1963.

As George told the  Quincy University Advancement Office, he was the first in his family to attend college.

For fear he would not finish school and instead start a family, George’s parents sent him to Quincy.

Similar to George, Mary’s parents did not give her much of choice when it came to attending college.

Mary said she graduated at age 16 and had no idea what to do next, but as a little girl she always dreamed of becoming a teacher.

And the rest is history.

George majored in physical education and math while Mary majored in history.

The two met at a “townie party” their first year at Quincy College.

George recalled the only reason Mary showed up to the party in the first place was because his roommate was supposed to be there, but he left and she got stuck with him for life.

After graduation, the Meyers continued to serve their community in many ways.

Over a 34 year span, George was a teacher, basketball coach, assistant principal, director of personnel and superintendent with Quincy Public Schools before retiring in 1997.

But he did not stop there.

George began his second career right where he started- at Quincy University.

There he was a professor and served as the Dean of the School of Education.

Mary began her professional career at Quincy Junior High School teaching history and English classes for four years until their first of three children were born.

She later continued on with her teaching career, dedicating 12 years in the teen psychiatric unit at Blessing Hospital.

George and Mary have been married for 55 years and together they continue to show unwavering support for the growth of the University.

They started by serving on committees and volunteering for events when they were younger.

As time went on and their children were having babies of their own, Mary said that gave them the freedom to give back more financially.

The Meyers contribute toward the QU Fund and an endowed scholarship for students in their name, and these are only a few ways they continue to support the University.

Besides supporting QU, the Meyers are also faithful members of St. Peter’s Church where George is a Eucharistic Minister and served on the Long-Range Planning Committee and the St. Peters School Advisory Board.

George said he and his wife will continue to support the University to honor those who meant so much to them, and to ensure future students will not have to bear the burden of student loan debt.

The Meyers will be honored at the Alumni Dinner during Homecoming Weekend on September 22.


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