Sweet Love: the story of the Austin family

By Reggie Austin

Robyn and Reginald Austin Sr. have been inseparable since 1986. Their first time meeting is all thanks to a mutual friend.

“My girlfriend and I were hanging out while she was comforting me through a breakup,” Robyn said.

She says that while expressing her interest in finding a genuine kind of guy, her friend sends her on a trip to get food.

“So on this particular day, she called a friend,” Robyn said.

That friend was none other than Reginald Austin Sr.

Reginald Austin Sr. pictured during football practice at Millikin University.

Originally she was opposed to him and the idea of dating him. Over time her initial worries withered away.

Reginald playfully hugging Robyn in 1989.

The two hit it off together and things were going really well. However, Reginald was getting cold feet.

“I’ve never had girlfriend before. I had friends with some benefits but never a relationship. She really showed me what love was about and I got scared,” Austin said.

“We dated for about a year and he was always very flirtatious. Always very forthcoming with his love and emotions, but for some reason he kept pulling away… I could not figure out why because I thought he was enjoying the relationship just like I was. He was pulling away because he was falling in love, which was foreign to him,” Robyn said.

The couple breaks up and three weeks goes by.

Reginald is doing almost everything he can to reach out to Robyn but her family was blocking each and every one of his efforts. He tried to stop by the house, call the house phone, and even tried leaving gifts on her car. Her brothers were having none of it.

On the other side, Robyn was upset and heart broken.

“I was so hurt so I decided to see how hurt he was. I could never see him but one day I saw him while I was driving a bus of kids to school. I was still upset that he broke my heart but I still loved him.” Robyn said.

He asks to ride with as she dropped the kids off and they share a short conversation. Once the kids get off, he leaves her with some parting words saying “It was really good to see you again and I miss you.”

“Later on that night, I put a card of his car.” Robyn said.

She wrote about how she appreciated the time they spent together, how she really enjoyed the relationship they had established, and how he took her to all these different places.

“He was so different than most guys and I just thanked him,” Robyn says.

Determined to get his love back, Reginald does something he does not normally do.

“It was just something about her. I ended up writing her a love letter,” Reginald said.

Not only did he keep the card, he also kept the handwritten letters he gave to her.

The love letters written by Reginald Austin to Robyn Powell.

Reginald writes “Never knew the meaning the meaning of love the way I love you. Never have I meant to hurt you or cause you any pain. But I never knew I could care for someone so much as you. The things I’ve done were out of love, I did not know what love could be.”

After Robyn read his letters, the rest is history. The couple got married in July of 1992 and welcomed a baby boy into their family in September of 1997.

Reginald Austin Sr. holding newly born Reginald Austin II in the hospital.

They will be celebrating 28 years of marriage this year.

Newlyweds Robyn and Reginald Austin Sr. take their final picture in the limousine.
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