Events Help Students Acclimate

By Adam Meyer

Students spend the first week of school at Quincy University getting used to new surroundings and meeting new people. In that first week of school the campus activity’s board puts on events to take students out of their comfort zones and to meet new students. Events and programs during orientation weekend groups freshman with upper class students to experience Quincy University. Events like Totally Hawkard and different ice breakers help keep everyone busy.

“I thought the events on campus are a good idea for orientation. It keeps freshman busy because its easy for freshman to decide not to go to events, but going to these events allows them to know new people and know the campus well,” Jack Ries, freshman, said.

This year, the campus activity board decided to revamp the campus programs, making the first weekend packed with events. A movie night on the lawn brought students out to not only enjoy a movie together but talk with others and hang out with friends. In the past events and programs on campus would have a low turnout. Now with events put on by the campus activity board as well as residence life activities will occur almost every night.

“They really helped (the events) freshman communicate with each other and form a bond especially with school starting earlier than it does for high school. I think it was good and a nice way to get everyone together, ” Thomas Robson, freshman, said.

Getting students out of their comfort zone is what Quincy University’s orientation weekend was designed for. While some were hesitant to be a part of the group and the activities it did not take long until they broke out of their shells. Older students are more willing to be at events and step out but freshman have come to events in groups.  Older students agree that there should be more events on campus that students should go to that are not intramural darts and bowling. One senior in particular, Adam Rogan, is an advocate in helping students to get involved.

“Activities on campus are a big deal. In the past my team (men’s volleyball) would only go to intramural darts and be a part of bowling teams but other than that other activities did not seem interesting, and there was a stigma the seniors brought to campus making it feel as if going to events was something we did not do as a team. This year we are trying to break that stigma,” Rogan said.

Seniors say all it takes is getting freshman involved and showing them there are plenty of activities to attend.

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