Resident Assistants work to find new ways to boost student interaction during covid

Quincy University encourages RAs in all resident halls to conduct multiple creative gatherings.

With many things being postponed and even canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions, housing heads are doing their best to keep students involved and entertained. COVID-19 has taken many activities and sporting events away from students.

The RA team is always looking for new ways to combat the ever-changing world around us. These changes mainly revolved around the COVID-19 restrictions Quincy University as a whole had. These restrictions would include wearing a mask, social distancing, small gatherings, and limited exposure to lessen the chances of quarantine.

RAs have had to find new COVID-19 friendly activities and gatherings to coordinate. Recent events have consisted of study relief areas, candy basket and door decoration making, succulent planting, and rug painting. Of course, snacks and drinks are always provided alongside new conversations.

“It’s just really cool that even under the circumstances we get to be so involved and find the little things to enjoy. So many little things have been taken from us students this year and a half that it is nice to see effort into making sure we are accounted for,” Victoria McCarty said. “It’s also just nice to be able to sit around with people and have conversations like it’s normal again. We get to make things that we get to keep and it is just really inviting.”

The RA team works hand in hand with what they hear students in need of or what their wants for activities are. Not only is the goal to unite new greetings, find new friends, and meet fellow classmates but the deeper goal is to relieve students of their stress for a little time out of their day.

With such busy lives, many students find it hard to have an outlet or a peaceful, free place. The RAs are trying to give them just that.

“Our goal as RAs in my opinion is to create a safe, stress-free environment to come home to. College kids don’t have a lot of time to plan activities that are fun, so we try to do that for them and just treat it as an award for just simply being alive and present. We’re aware most people just come for food, but even if they just come for food they’re still chatting with me and building a relationship and I think that’s very important for mental health. To feel like you have relationships with people that have your back,” Timberlyn Barnett said.

While many of these gatherings aim to serve a purpose in protecting mental health and bonding new friendship, it is also a space dedicated to the enjoyment of students. Being in a controlled environment eliminates high levels of stress and allows for the activities to just be fun and enjoyable to students.

“We are attempting to create environments for students to still have fun in the most responsible and safest ways. It’s a lot easier to have things on campus where we have more control of what goes on. Making it very beneficial for us to have so many events so students have more opportunities to have fun on campus,” BJ Wilson said.

Up and coming events are also posted all around the resident halls along with emails put out consistently.

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