Bored? Quarantine Activities for college students

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By Alexa Low

If you’ve been on Facebook or other social media platforms lately, you’ll notice that people are getting pretty bored being cooped up in their homes during this shelter-in-place.

People are making memes about Netflix shows that are gaining popularity during this time as well as jokes about going to the pantry every hour as boredom brings about eating for fun.

I talked to a couple students as well as searched the internet to compile a list of activities that can be done at home to save students from boredom.

Board/word games

  • Tabletopia allows users to play over 800 games online for free through your web browser.
  • Arkadium features free online word games and puzzles.

Read a book


  • YouTube is great for at home workouts but when it comes to yoga there are a lot of options. Yoga with Adriene is a very popular channel with 35 minute yoga sessions.
  • 305 Fitness has a variety of free workout videos
  • Planet Fitness has started live-streaming 20-minute workouts form their Facebook page.

Plan a vacation

  • Obviously, now is not a good time to travel but that shouldn’t stop you from planning a future vacation.
  • Travelocity allows you to book your hotel and plane ticket at the same time with suggestions on when and where to go.

Learn a new language

  • Duolingo is one of the more popular ways to learn a new language for free. Their bite-size lessons are offered in a wide range of languages.

Play a video game

Become a Youtuber

  • If you have been thinking about becoming a YouTuber, now is the perfect time if you have the right equipment. There are multiple videos and blogs out there on How to Become a Successful Youtuber.
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