Sweet P Petals business is blooming

Coming to the Quincy community this season is a special and unique build your own bouquet experience. Sweet P Petals is a local traveling trailer that provides customers the opportunity to create and customize their own flower arrangements. 

Paige Owsley, the owner of Sweet P Petals, fell in love with flowers at a young age.  

“I grew up with grandparents that had a cosmo and zinnia field almost every summer and one of my best friends, her uncle, had a sunflower patch every summer and I just enjoy going to those fields and checking out those flowers and picking them and creating bouquets. So we decided to turn a huge two-acre field into a flower patch at my grandparents,” Paige Owsley said. 

The love of flowers and sharing with the community sparked Owsley’s interest in creating an entire experience for others. She wanted to be more than just a preorder flower company. A national movement of flower trucks has been growing thanks to modern day social media. 

“I love flowers and decided to start looking on Pinterest for good photo ideas with flowers and I started seeing a ton of flower trucks starting to pop up and trailers and I was just like this would be so amazing to bring to the Quincy community and it just kinda started there,” Owsley said. 

Prior to the completion of the renovated trailer, Owsley opened up the shop in her shack. Owsley is currently creating bouquets and other flower arrangements for weddings, birthdays, graduations and more. 

Sweet P Petals has already started building a foundation throughout the community. Orders have been piling in and business is blooming already.

The trailer is the next big step for the business. 

“Really what I want for the trailer is something unique. You get to come, you get to pick literally whatever flowers you want. There will be anywhere from 12-16 different flower varieties on the trailer at one time. I want people to get an experience,” Owsley said. 

Owsley also plans to continue the trailer sales into the winter and sell Christmas themed items such as wreaths and mistletoe. 

After arranging the build designs and other details came deciding a name for the company. 

“The name Sweet P Petals really came to be because I really wanted to incorporate my name somehow so Sweet P, my name is Paige, so we just used the letter P instead of the word pea. Then my mom growing up, you know she’s always loved flowers too and she always used to wear the Sweet Pea perfume a lot and so this business really wouldn’t be possible without my mom. She’s helped me out so much so I told her I was like this my perfect way of incorporating the first letter of my name but also that memory that I have with you of wearing Sweet Pea perfume all the time,” Owsley said. 

Also in honor of her mother’s dedication and devotion to the dream of Sweet P Petals, Owsley clung to the opportunity to have the grand opening of Sweet P Petals be on Mother’s Day weekend. 

Sweet P Petal’s grand opening was May 7 and 8.

Pumped Up Balloons + Beyond will also be a part of the grand opening.

After the grand opening weekend Sweet P Petals will be releasing a summer schedule for the Quincy community along with surrounding communities. The schedule will be posted on all Sweet P social media and will let customers know where they can find Sweet P next.

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