Wellness Center, Where Are They?

By: Taylor King

The Wellness Center at Quincy University is the tool that students can use for medical help and mental help. The walk-in clinic and counseling center is there for students that are sick and need medicine all the way to making sure that students are in a good state of mind where they feel like they have a place where they can talk to someone.

But some issues have arose concerning on when they are open and knowing when people will be in to help students. As for the counseling center of the Wellness Center, you must make an appointment to be able to speak to a councelor.

People have realized that the hours that are posted online and around the center do not match up as to when their are active people working during those hours. But there has been a change with that. They open 8:00 a.m. Monday through Thursday, on Tuesday morning they were not open. They were closed for the day. A sign on their door stating if you need any assistance to call their extension for their phones in the offices.

This is where students can get confused. If they do not have appointments that day, do they not have councilor’s come in for that day? Students are curious. At times the Walk-In Clinic is closed as well when their hours say they are open.

Freshman Timberlyn Barnett knows its cold season and she is already feeling sick.

“I need to get to the walk-in clinic to see if I can get medicine to make my nose feel better, I hope they are open after class,” Barnett said.

With it being the beginning of the school year, establishing good, consistent hours for the Wellness Center to be open for students is crucial.

There is also an issue of students not knowing where the Wellness Center is or even knowing that it is available for their use. Senior Marissa Gonzalez was shocked to here about the hour issues.

“I honestly had no idea that we had these resources for students but you would think that they would have a consistent schedule that is reliable for the students as well,” Gonzalez said.

Confusion for the students with the hours will only get worse. Students might not trust what the hours say or even expect when people will be in to help them out.

Sophomore Zach Reider hopes the Wellness Center hours confusion is resolved soon so students are not frustrated when they are not open when they need something.

“Having those hours at certain times are crucial because the students do rely on those times so much and what fits into their schedules,” Reider said.

Helping and making sure students feel safe and have a place to go is the center’s ultimate goal. But to be successful in that goal you must have hours that work for students and that consistent. Being able to find that balance between student and councilor, as well as the medical group there as well is key.

For the Wellness Center hours:


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