SGA Brings Back Powder Puff

By Quincy Fuehne

The Student Government Association brought back powder puff football, a popular homecoming event from last year, hoping to turn it into a tradition.

The SGA wants this event to promote school pride and allow students to work and have fun with others they would not otherwise interact with. In other words, to break down social groups and bring the community together no matter the differences.

The game started at 7 p.m. under the lights of QU Stadium where football currently plays. In coming years, men’s and women’s lacrosse games will play there as well.

The two teams were evenly split with girls from each grade level and a handful of coaches.

Head football coach Gary Bass selected members of his team to coach each powder puff team. Those players-turned-coaches for the night enjoyed being able to call the plays, instead of receiving them.

One of the coaches likes the fact that the event allows girls to get to do something they don’t always get to do at QU.

“It’s exciting and competitive. It’s just something fun,” Paul Sullivan, sophomore, said.

Players were picked for teams in a draft prior to the game to ensure fairness and evenness.

The teams arrived early to practice and go over the different plays they would run during the game. The players assembled drills and practiced their throwing to warm up.

The game was 50 minutes long with the clock stopping at each play for the last two minutes. Each team had seven players on the field.

While the players played with aggression and competitiveness, tackling was not allowed. The players had flags around their waist. If someone grabbed the ball carrier’s flag, that was considered a tackle.

The high energy and competitiveness of football didn’t keep the players from having fun and staying positive.

“I definitely may have gotten a little aggressive here and there, but that’s the sport of football. You kind of get a little heated sometimes, but all good in fun competition,” Dana Walsh, senior, said.

Walsh was on the yellow team that lost 49-35 to the black team.

The black team will be recognized and given their trophy at the homecoming pep rally.

More students signed up for this year’s game. Roughly thirty women signed up to play, which is about ten more than last year.

Despite the increase, some students were unable to play due to their athletic obligations.

“I honestly wish we could participate. It would be really fun. There’s a lot of girls that participated, but not as many as we should have on campus,” Taylor Hickey, senior women’s basketball player, said.

Hickey was not sure if their team was allowed to participate or not, but did not want to risk it.

Coaches discourage players from participating to avoid injury so they can be healthy and successful in season.

Even though Hickey was not able to participate, she got to see great competition and even had halftime entertainment.

The Manettes danced to Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie”. The dance was choreographed by the Hawkettes head coach April Albert.

This all male dance team consists of seven guys that perform at select QU events.

Both the Manettes and the powder puff teams brought out a crowd to kick off the homecoming weekend.

“Get out there and get involved. Do all of the homecoming prep stuff,” Walsh suggested.

QU hosted the Balloon Glow on the Thursday night of homecoming weekend and held a tailgate before the football game Saturday afternoon.

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