Halloween comes early with the Hawks

It is that time of the year again where Quincy University’s athletes get ready for an early Halloween event. The Hawks give back to the community by setting all sorts of games for the kids to participate.

Each sport has their own set up for the kids in costumes to have fun and get free candy. It is a fun way for the kids around the area to dress and in a way go trick or treating on the weekend.

Now the day of Halloween is on a weekday and some kids may still go out and do their traditional trick or treating. Some kids may not go out because it is a weekday which is why the Hawks are starting their own event early.

Redshirt senior, Marcus Hinton of the Men’s basketball team gives us an explanation on what his thoughts are about the event.

“I’ve been around here since my sophomore year when I redshirted. So it is safe to say that I have been around all kinds of kids for a while now,” Hinton laughs. “However this is my last year and I would say that this is enjoyable. I’m sure that the other seniors feel the same way.”

It is bittersweet to hear this is the last time for the athletes who are seniors. Especially to the athletes who are considered to be veterans on campus. It brings up a lot of memories for those who have been around this yearly event for a good while.

Senior, Jessica Poore of the softball team explains the memories that she has with the Halloween event.

“Seeing the little kids dress up in their costumes and trick or treating brings back the times when I was a kid. Time moves by so fast that I usually forget what my childhood is like. However, it is nice to give back and seeing the smile on those kids faces,” Poore explains.

This event occurs during the weekend of Halloween or before the day of Halloween. It is bringing trick or treating earlier for some of the kids since it is on a weekend. Since the holiday is on a weekday, some of the kids will not be able to go trick or treating.

“Yeah it is understandable that most of the kids cannot go out when Halloween is on a weekday or at least stay out too long. I remember when it was a day like that when I could only go out for a short period of time from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. My mom wanted me to make sure that I did not stay too long with my little brother,” Hinton explains.

Halloween with Hawks is special for the parents to take their kids to have a good time. The athletes also had a good time by setting up their own game, cheering the kids on, and giving them free candy.


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