Dip, Dive, Dodge, and Duck for the Big Bucks

This year, one of the intramural sports that was held on campus was  dodgeball. During the league event teams signed up a team of five members to compete head to head to win prizes. During a dodgeball game the tides can turn at any moment, and this year was no different.

During the tournament, students competed for the grand prize which was $100 in gift cards. this comes out to be $20 per person on the dodgeball team. With money on the line each team was trying its hardest to win.   

However, one of the things that nobody could have predicted was that the tournament would have a three way tie for the winner. One of the three teams tied for first place was the tennis team. Graduate student and tennis player Collin Adams was part of the team which tied for first place. 

“The dodgeball tournament was a good way to get all the guys together and go compete in something that isn’t tennis. I had fun at the tournament, but I’m a competitive person so when we got stuck in a three way tie for first place I was kind of mad. In the end they had to draw numbers out of a hat to see who was going to move on and who was eliminated. This kind of made me mad because we were eliminated because of the number we drew not actually loosing in a game,” Adams said.

Collin Adams wearing a Santa hat while hurling dodgeballs during the dodgeball tournament

Another person who did battle on the dodgeball court was junior tennis player Patrick Anderson. Anderson is also a member of the tennis team.

“The tournament was really fun and action packed. I enjoyed the way the tournament was set up and all the prizes that were up for grabs. It was also kind of cool that people came just to watch, a lot of our women’s tennis players came to watch us play. Even though we got eliminated from the three way tie for first because of drawing numbers out of a hat we still won prizes. We won Walmart and Starbucks gift cards so that’s cool,” Anderson said. 

Two football teams battling for possession of dodgeballs during the fast break at he beginning of the game. 

With the first semester drawing to a close, intramurals will be drawing to a close for the semester as well. However, intramural sports will be returning to the QU campus for the second semester of the school year.

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