College Students are Equipped with Basic Life Skills After All

It is no secret that older generations don’t always understand younger generations. Older generations are quick to judge young people without looking deep into the matter. For people a part of the younger generation, it is likely they have been classified as a part of the “troubled youth” due to the timeless stereotype of young people.

Young people, according to older generations, are lazy. But maybe they are wrong. As technology has advanced over time, it has changed the way people work. Some technological advancements are making some tasks easier. After all, the saying is “Work smarter, not harder”.

Recently, a story explaining how young people are incapable of basic life skills and calling to bring back home economics classes to high schools, has been floating through social media. Home economics is a class that teaches students basic life skills like cooking, the proper way to do laundry and healthy spending habits.

But again, maybe the older generation was too quick to judge whether students knew some of the basic life skills the article is referring to.

A few students on the Quincy University campus were asked a series of questions inquiring whether or not they were equipped with some basic life skills every college student should know. The small group of students that was asked contradicted the article’s point. Each of the students claimed to know how to do almost every skill that was put into question.

Before college, did you do your own laundry? Do you do your own laundry when you go home for break?

“Yes, I did do my own laundry. I still do when I am home for breaks,” Serena Mediola said.

Do you know how to cook a meal? If so, what kind of meals are you capable of preparing?

“Yes, I can cook many of the basics: spaghetti, mac and cheese, burgers, chicken, steak and all kinds of eggs. I cook about once a day at home,” Hunter Knox said.

Do you know the basics of housekeeping? (Sweeping, dusting,etc.)

“Yes I do. I tend to do a complete cleaning of my room once every two weeks, but regular cleaning does happen,” Knox said.

Do you know the minimum percentage you are supposed to tip a server while dining at a restaurant?

“Fifteen percent of the bill. And if they were good, I give them an extra dollar or two,” Noah Mencer said.

Do you know how to change your own car tire?


Mencer laughed, as if it would be unimaginable to not be able to change a tire.

Do agree with the older generations that people your age are incapable of basic life skills?

“Yes, some college students do not have the life skills that they need to survive college and be away from home like doing laundry and making their own meals and basic housekeeping skills, but some kids do. It all depends on how you grow up and if you were taught,” Mendiola said.

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