Dorm room business offers students delightful treats

By Alexa Low

Drizzled Delights is an on-campus business that offers a variety of products such as cake pops and chocolate covered oreos, graham crackers, marshmallows, strawberries, and pretzels.

Assortment of Drizzled Delights treats

BJ Wilson started his business after he acquired a cake pop machine while home over Christmas break. His girlfriend’s mother discussed getting rid of some kitchen appliances and Wilson offered to take the cake pop machine off her hands.

Wilson is no stranger to the dessert franchise as his father has a business of his own. As a side job, Wilson’s father makes cakes and cupcakes for his company, “Taste Bud’s.”

His father started “Taste Bud’s” in the St. Louis area and now his son is bringing a similar business to Quincy. Wilson says there has been discussion of the father son duo teaming up but for now he wishes to pursue his own path.

“When I was in high school I would make chocolate covered strawberries and sell them to my classmates. The gears just got turning. I can do something with this, I know how to make chocolate covered desserts,” Wilson said.

From chocolate covered strawberries in high school to cake pops in college. Wilson has grown his company by offering many options of treats and cake pop flavors.

Cake pops come in several flavors such as red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, yellow cake, and strawberry. The flavors vary each week depending on what consumers would like to see.

Featured Valentine’s Day cake pop made from strawberry cake mix

Starting a business on campus comes with certain difficulties that storefront owners might not face.

Living in Willer Hall, Wilson makes his treats in the kitchen of a friends’ house. The production of Drizzled Delights can get quite messy when making the batter and melting the chocolate. When finished, Wilson stores his desserts in a miniature fridge which can limit production at times but he Wilson says he always makes do.

Wilson has taken steps to further his business on campus such as creating a Snapchat account to let his customers know what treats he has in stock and which ones will be made next.

Wilson says eleven orders have been placed and fulfilled since starting the business back in January.

“I had a great experience when ordering from Drizzled Delights. They had a lot of different options and I chose the chocolate covered pretzels,” Alexandria Doyle said.

Wilson plans on continuing the business but it is not his main priority at the moment as he juggles playing football, working for the IT Department and completing his degree in computer science.

As of right now Drizzled Delights is exclusive to Quincy’s campus, however Wilson has thoughts of continuing the business when he goes home to St. Louis. Wilson says spreading his business to John Wood Community College may also be an option.

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