QU commuter lounge to expand, get makeover

By Emma Hoyt

Quincy University senior, Katy Meuth, currently lives off campus with her friends. Meuth lived on campus during her first three years at QU and says that if QU had better amenities for commuters, she may have stuck around.

“There needs to be a bigger place for commuters to hangout. Maybe a coffee shop – where we can do homework, get food and drinks without having to have a meal plan,” Meuth said.

The school’s commuter lounge is located on the second floor of Francis Hall and is home to couches, tables, and chairs.

“I have never used the lounge because people are always laying on the couches and there isn’t enough room for all of us to sit in there,” Meuth said.

Students taking advantage of current commuter lounge.

Another commuter says he couldn’t imagine living on campus.

“I’ve grown up in Quincy, so it would be ridiculous of me to choose to live on campus. I am still involved with activities on campus, but I like being able to leave and go home,” Wendell Bias Jr said.

Bias is comfortable in his childhood home, he understands that living on campus is not in his plan. Bias is employed at the juvenile detention center and is on both the track and cross country teams at QU.

Studies show living on campus has benefits. Residence life pledges to make the resident college life a vibrant one.

National research shows that students who live on campus perform better academically and graduate earlier than their off campus counterparts, so it is up to each student to take full advantage of this amazing opportunity. Living on campus will provide you with many new freedoms and personal choices, an experience in which you will meet students from across the country and around the globe, develop life-long friendships, and establish a connection to our diverse campus life. Various activities, staff and hall sponsored events, community service and leadership opportunities are all excellent ways to become actively engaged in your experience.

Quincy University Res Life

Studies prove that college students who live on campus are more likely to earn higher GPAs, graduate earlier than students who live off campus and student report an overall higher quality of life.

The Residence Life page on QU website lists the cost of living per semester.

Cost of living in Residence Hall at QU.

Living off campus has been a decision made by students for many years. The fear of the unknown, or the change of having a roommate could simply be answered by living off campus.

Meuth says living off campus has been her best year yet.

“I love living off campus – especially since I don’t have to worry about getting parking tickets in front of my campus house. I also have a lot more fun because since living off campus, I’ve lived with some of my best friends,” Meuth said.

Next year, both Meuth and Bias Jr., will have a place on campus to call home. QU announced it will be expanding the commuter lounge to better serve the commuter community.

Informational flyer posted in commuter lounge

The project will take place in the summer and QU wants student input on what should be done to enhance the commuter experience.

“I don’t think that living on campus really makes a difference on my college experience. It’s what I make it, and if I choose to have a great time at QU, I will,” Bias Jr said.

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