Bowling strikes out stigma

Quincy University added bowling in 2019 to further push Hawks athletics forward. 

Due to national growth within the sport of bowling, Quincy athletics made the decision to pursue the sport creating a men’s and women’s bowling team. This choice would allow the university to reach new revenues and expand their sports audiences. 

The women’s bowling team is now in their second season and the men’s in their first. The Rolling Hawks practice throughout the week at Casino Lanes. The team travels on the weekend to various locations. Unfortunately, the program does not have the means or opportunity to host tournaments yet. 

The bowling team is working to build a name for itself while also tear down the stigma surrounding the sport of bowling. 

“There has always been a perception that bowling isn’t a sport. A lot of that is because you don’t have to be in great athletic shape or in great fitness in order to be successful at bowling. So that is why it kind of has that stigma to it that you don’t have to be athletic. However, in order to be successful at the highest level you still have to be coordinated with movement patterns. So you are still athletic, just a different skill set than other sports,” Nicholas Bohanan, coach, said.

The team is rolling into new opportunities throughout the community and striving to provide more awareness of the sport. 

“I would really just tell anyone to keep going if you want something. If you want to be a college athlete, if you want to keep having fun with your sport, if you want to keep competing, do it. There are so many opportunities that many people don’t realize but its most important to just follow your dreams and keep going. Things will work out,” Cassie Prill said.

Alongside growing the knowledge of the game throughout the community, the hawks are also working to climb the ladder in the GLVC bowling standings. 

“We want to be a top tier team. We want to be a top tier program. We want people and other teams to know the name of Quincy University when we go to tournaments. I want people to fear us when we come to bowl,” Parker Lymenstull said.

The hawks are continuing to push the needle forward in advancements within the sport. 

The men’s bowling team competes in the Leatherneck Classic on Nov. 13. The women’s team will compete in the Warhawk Classic on November 20th. 

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