Scottie’s Fun Spot night helps beat end of semester blues

By Emma Hoyt

With the semester coming to an end, it’s easy for students to lose focus in the classroom. There are presentations to prepare, papers to research and write, seniors are trying to polish resumes, and everyone is ready for an academic break. Sometimes all students need is a good push to get to the finish line, and summer break.

That’s what the QU Campus Activities Board attempted to do by sending out an email on April 16th, with this flyer.

Flyer sent to QU students regarding Jump into Spring event at Scottie’s Fun Spot.

CAB invited students to a Jump Into Spring event, at Scottie’s Fun Spot in Quincy.

This event allowed all QU students to free, unlimited access to Ball-o-City, rollerskating, bumper cars, laser tag, mini-bowling and go-carts.

QU students being competitive in go carts.

Many students attended the event at Scottie’s including Logan Waid.

“As a commuter, sometimes it’s hard to attend all the events that QU puts on, to meet new people – but this event was at a great time. I heard a lot of people were coming, so I came too,” Waid said.

All of the attractions were open to students, allowing for a wide range of fun.

“I skated for a little while, then raced go-carts and then I played some laser tag. It was really fun actually, I had a good time and it seemed like everyone else did too,” Waid said.

Roller skating was offered at Scotties on Tuesday.

Both on and off campus residents attended this event.

Jordan Zimmer came to the event for something to do on a Tuesday night.

“Usually I’m just hanging out in my room on most weeknights. Coming to Scottie’s was a nice way for me to get a break, especially with finals coming up,” Zimmer said.

This time of year is where a lot of students are struggling to find motivation to get to the end of the semester.

Waid agrees with the statement.

“I’m just exhausted. With school, work and cross country – it’s just a lot to keep straight. At the beginning of the semester it’s fast paced and exciting, but towards the end I feel so drained,” Waid said.

Many other students across the country have the same feelings as Waid. Especially when you Google search “How to stay motivated at the end of the semester”.

One article gives the top five tips for staying motivated at the end of the semester, and students agree that these tips might help them.

1. Stay focused on your future – where do you want to go?

2. Make a plan and stick to it.

3. Get a good support system, and lean on them!

4. Make time for yourself!

5. Celebrate your accomplishments. No matter how small!

Herzing University

“I try and find time in my busy schedule that doesn’t have to do with school, work or cross country, and use that to play a pick-up game with my friends or go for a run,” Waid said.

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