Students discuss the process of getting club events approved

By Chelsea Hooker and Caylen Lowrey

There are more than twenty different clubs at Quincy University, students have a variety of different options to join a group that they feel comfortable with.

QU’s Director of Student Engagement Trenton Henderson is excellent with having the ability to take student suggestions when it come to creating a club of interest or an event for said club.

“Our clubs and organizations are very important to the QU student community. They are some of our best leaders, innovators, and most passionate students on campus. We do hold them to a higher standard because we know they want their club or organization to be presented in a way that represents their mission and the university in the best way possible,” Henderson said.

Being able to promote a club whether it’s for an event or for the club itself is extremely important.

A club has to advertise themselves whether it is with posters around campus or a quick commercial on QUTV.

It is an essential factor to having a college club that other students have knowledge about and could boost the interest in joining a club even if its not the one they say the advertisement for, but there is a process.

The first step that many clubs start with is getting flyers made and approved.

The process of getting them approved has been around for a couple of years but only recently was enforced heavily.

This was unknown to many clubs and caused them to lose precious time advertising their event.

Olivia Simmons is the social media manager for Alpha Phi Sigma on campus.

She is in charge of making flyers and spreading the word, but she often runs into road blocks that slow the process.

“It is so frustrating feeling that you can not rely on your superiors, especially if you have important things to complete before the event dates,” Simmons said.

Canned Food Drive flyer created for Alpha Phi Sigma by Olivia Simmons.
One of the flyers Simmons made for this semester that had to undergo the approval process.

When trying to set up an event, a club must be able to rent a space on campus, which can be very limited.

Quincy may be a big campus so that means there is a lot of people, so a lot of these spaces are usually rented out which makes it harder to find space.

Being able to host an a event can be very critical to club.

Not only does it give a club the chance to interact with their peers, but events are a form of advertisement, so not being able to have those occasional events could cause the “popularity” of a club to drop crucially.

The process has only convoluted the idea of hosting events and made spreading the word for clubs difficult.

“The process has been very frustrating throughout the whole of the year. There has been some confusion and miscommunication between faculty and students as to what is expected of them during this whole process. No one knows what is expected for what part of the process or who they have to go to for approval. You need someone’s signature for one part and a whole other department or signature for a different part. It’s also hard to communicate or track down the faculty that you need at certain points to get said approval. The rules of what is allowed and what is not allowed for fundraising or club engagement is also not very clear. It just makes the process overall not very fun and deters clubs from even attempting to do any sort of fundraising within the community or the school,” Kyra Humbert said.

Click here to read the policies on posting around campus and hosting events.

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