What every incoming student should know about QU

By Raven Ash

Out of the thousands of colleges around the world, no two campuses are exactly alike. Distinctions like traditions, superstitions, social opportunities, curriculum and housing options all make each campus unique.

A fresh start is never easy. After taking that leap and landing at Quincy University, most students are away from home and surrounded by hundreds of people they do not know. To make this transition just a tiny bit easier, enjoy these tips and fun facts about Quincy University.

  1. ALWAYS carry your key card and your phone. Your key cards unlock almost every building on campus that you are authorized to have free access to. Forgetting your key card is a common mistake but could leave you locked out of your dorm hall for hours if you are not able to phone a friend. If students find themselves in a sticky situation, campus security is always a call away.
  2. For most students, procrastination results in poor work. Be proactive to provide your best work.
  3. Do NOT walk through the kiosk. The superstition is that anyone who walks through the middle of the kiosk will not graduate. Do not put all of your hard work to waste!
  4. It is important to know where student parking is allowed. Security or Quincy Police Department will write tickets. Parking on most of Chestnut Street is not allowed. If D Lot is full, there is always available parking in C Lot.
  5. Do not be quick to judge someone. At college, students are introduced to people from different backgrounds. Embrace the differences in classmates to create a new friend group.
  6. The bell to the left of Francis Hall is called the ‘Drunk Bell’. Students ring the bell after a night out and wait for security to hunt them down.
  7. Always respect the RA’s. They miss out of a lot of fun things to make sure that their residents are safe and have what they need.
  8. Go to class! Quincy University is expensive. Students who do not show up to class lose participation points and can get dropped from the class. To retake the class, it has to be paid for all over again. Attendance is important.
  9. Be accountable for yourself. While there are plenty of people on campus to help students succeed, you must have a plan of how you will reach your goal.
  10. Get involved! The college experience is about having fun. Meet new friends, join a club, participate in intramural sports and attend events.

Advice from current students:

“Partying is not all it is hyped up to be. Spend the weekends safely with your friends instead,” Kylee Waddell, sophomore, said.

“Make sure you separate your laundry colors from whites. I messed up and all my socks were pink,” Jose Rojas, sophomore, said.

“If you are feeling homesick at first, do not go home within the first month. It will only make it worse,” Kenzie Blentlinger, first year transfer, said.

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  • The long held superstition is that walking through the kiosk will cause a student not to graduate in four years. Your article appears to indicate it would cause a student not to graduate at all. Not the case here. Check your sources and with faculty.

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