Pokemon GO

By Reggie Austin

Pokemon GO still is sustaining it’s success long after its 2016 release. In Quincy, there is a group of people who created a Facebook group for other trainers. The group is for the local trainers to organize,talk and post for Pokemon related topics.

The augmented reality game combines the video games atmosphere with the real world to create a beautiful vibrant game. This game requires for the player to walk around outside and be active.

The Pokéstops in the game are based around real locations around you. Landmarks such as the Friar statue, The QU class of 2008 memorial, the QU clock tower, and the Saint Francis sculpture are some of these stops on campus. These Pokéstops are where players can obtain candy to feed their Pokémon as well as more Pokéballs to catch more and more creatures.

The goal of the game is to become the best trainer in the world, collecting as many Pokémon as possible.

So what exactly are Pokémon? Pokémon are creatures of all shapes and sizes who live in the wild or with humans in the context of the game. For the most part, They do not speak except to say their names. Somehow their names are their form of communication between other Pokémon.

A popular event for Pokémon Go is bringing people together. Raids are where players can get rare and valuable Pokémon as well as battle against other trainers. Gym raids are becoming mainstays in the game.

Khali Mitchell is an avid Pokémon Go player in Quincy.

“It’s a good game. Definitely a lot better then when it first came out but progression wise it’s been great throughout the process with all the different systems it uses.” Mitchell said.

Mitchell has been playing the game for over three years now and he feels more excited about the game than ever.

“Slowly it’s adding new components to the game. Originally it was catching Pokémon,spinning pokestops and having gyms. Then trading was introduced and raid battles. Followed by trainer to trainer battles. So updating the game further and adding Pokémon every so often. Events happen every month so there is always something to do.

Go fest is big weekend long event which is an in game while also being a real world experience. The Pokemon Go Fest is an event that combines the fun of the popular mobile AR game, “Pokemon Go,” with real world interactivity via physical installations around the city.

Angeline Cronin attend the Pokemon Go fest in Chicago earlier this year. She described the event in detail.

“Basically it’s a major convention both in game and real world for a weekend. A certain number of people can buy tickets and get an in game access code. Then the area that go fest is held at is mirrored in game.” Cronin said.

She went on to explain more in”There are special missions specifically for people who bought tickets along with special Pokémon, like unknown which can only be caught at go fest or through hatching eggs during certain events. I’d say it’s pretty dope.”

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