QU students prepare for finals

By Sharadyn Janssen

With finals just around the corner, students are beginning to study and prepare for their exams.

Tests often bring about stress and worry for students, but there are many different ways to cope with this fear.

“I definitely get test anxiety, but creating a study guide of some sort is very helpful in organizing the information. An organized study guide helps put my mind at ease,” Brianna Hildebrand, QU senior, said.

“The best way I deal with my test anxiety is to remind myself that the test is coming whether I am ready or not, so I have to just do my best to be prepared for it,” Cole Davis, QU junior, said.

“I have to take deep breaths when I start to get worried about an exam. Practicing deep breathing calms me down and then I can focus on my studies better,” Bracey Dyer, QU senior, said.

There are also different ways to study and prepare for exam week.

Hildebrand finds it beneficial to study the information a little at a time leading up to the test day instead of trying to cram it all in the day before the test.

“I have to make flash cards and study with my friends. This is the only method that truly ever works for me,” Dyer said.

Davis finds it most helpful to study in increments.

“Its hard to focus on anything for a long amount of time, so it helps me to study for 20 minutes, then take a break, and then continue this cycle,” Davis said.

Certain environments can also help students study efficiently.

“I absolutely have to study in a peaceful environment with minimal distractions to help me focus,” Hildebrand said.

“I like listening to instrumental music when I study, so that its not completely silent but not overly distracting,” Davis said.

“It works best for me to study somewhere quiet, like Starbucks or the library in town. I can’t focus very well at home, so getting out to places like this is extremely beneficial to me,” Dyer said.

The final exam schedule for Quincy University can be found on the QU website.

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