Student-athlete preaching on campus

Quincy University has a student-athlete who preaches on campus. Ouekie Wright is an ordained pastor who live-streams from Francis Hall. He gets up to 2,000 viewers, while his Facebook account has 23,000 followers. 

“When I first got to campus I was very nervous because of the students and being around a lot of young people who are not really familiar with preaching. Some people come from different backgrounds, so actually coming to campus and doing it I was really nervous,” Wright said. “I actually found a classroom in which I hold a service every night at eight. I say alright Ouekie, you just have to brave up and do this. Several times when I do it I would see people walk by, but because I’m so caught up and doing what I really love it didn’t matter.”

Wright’s followers are mostly of Jamaican or Caribbean descent, but his viewers come from all over the world. Africa, Germany and England are just some places he says are sources for his large following. He believes that he does not have many American viewers because his strong Jamaican accent makes him hard to understand.

But besides his accent, Wright must also face the issue of having to balance his preaching with school-work and track practice. The lifestyle and environment student-athletes are often in can be challenging. However, Wright is grateful for his teammates respecting his faith.

“In terms of balancing preaching, it is like doing a day’s work, it takes a lot out of you. It’s like standing up and shouting and speaking to people for over 2 hours. Then you have to get up in the morning to do training exercises and then study tables, it takes a lot. But as a strong believer in Christ I always pray for strength both spiritually and physically. I have to better plan my day and I work with the schedule to be able to achieve these tasks that I’m faced with daily,” Wright said.

Wright explained that one of the main issues with being a Christian student-athlete has to do with fasting. Due to him taking part in fasting he often deals with running on an empty stomach for practices. But he thinks of this struggle as just a display of his faith.

Ouekie Wright preaches from a classroom at QU

Some of Wright’s viewers have come from QU students sharing his ministry. One QU track member, Chadwick Stewart, introduced his mother to Wright’s ministry.

“I’ve known Ouekie for like one year and about his preaching and that stuff. And I remember when I introduced my mom to his preaching site. Because knowing her, she is a big fan of preaching and Christianity, those stuff. So I told her about my teammate who preaches,” Stewart said. 

Stewart’s mom Nordia is one of Wright’s many Jamaican supporters. She tunes into his livestreams whenever possible and when she can’t be online during those times she listens to the sermon after on Wright’s Facebook page, Prophetic Deliverance Fire Ministry

“He is a very spiritual man and I believe that is why he has so many views,” Nordia Stewart said. 

Wright currently receives noise complaints because many in Francis Hall do not realize there is a student preaching during his sermon times. Wright hopes upon hearing speaking in tongues and loud music students will identify he is in service.

Ouekie Wright on QUTV News
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