Freshman invade music department

By Alex Crozier

Across all QU music groups enrollment has seen a boost. Freshmen numbers have increased from a buffed recruitment program in the department.

“We have 18 new freshmen and transfers in the marching band,” Bill Machold, band director, said.

Machold has seen the changes first hand, especially in his role as the leader of the marching band, and how such an increase in numbers affects his group.

“Of course a larger band has a larger sound. It also looks better on the field. And it’s not just the numbers, the talent level has really improved as well,” Machold said.

Other music groups have seen the same bump.

“We had a great recruiting year. I have 18 new singers in the choir, and I am thrilled about that,” Choir Director Amy Stollberg said.

The influx of freshmen was no accident though. The department has been working for bigger numbers for years.

“We believe it is a result of our recruiting efforts begun 5 or 6 years ago.  We have progressively, yet slowly, seen upticks in our numbers over that time.  We have done a lot in that time to increase the visibility of our music department among area high school music teachers and directors.  The Virtuoso scholarship helps as well,” Machold said.

The Virtuoso Scholarship, along with many other scholarships, are as important as ever with the rising cost of a college education.

Registration ad for the Virtuoso Scholarships next year.

A boost in financial incentives and a concentrated effort seems to have paid off for the music department as a whole.

“The overall number of winds, brass, and percussion is the most that we’ve had since we started the marching band in 2010,” Machold said.

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