Senior gift tradition stalled, plans to collaborate in the works

By Raven Ash

Quincy University provides students with much more than just a degree. Students at Quincy University enjoy many experiences that transform them into well-rounded and knowledgeable individuals. They are also instilled with Franciscan values.

In an attempt to give back to the university that gave them so much over the years, seniors have a tradition of leaving a gift behind after they graduate. However, students from the past three years have not left a gift, and instead have decided to pool their money toward a more significant purchase.

Each year members of the senior class collaborate to decide what type of gift the class would like to donate to QU and how that money will be raised. The goal for each class is different every year depending on what type of gift the class plans to donate. Bailey Gruebel was a member of the 2018 committee.

“My senior year we had a clear idea of what we wanted and presented it to the board at the time, but the gift was dependent on the available funds,” Greubel said.

In the past, senior classes have hosted a wine and cheese tasting event called QU Uncorked. This event is typically the main fundraiser for the senior gift. The wine and beer tasting is hosted at Revelry and includes live music, a silent auction, and refreshments. This event is especially profitable because almost everything needed to host the event is donated.

The past three senior classes may not have given their gift to the university yet, however the classes have discussed some ideas of how they hope to give back to Quincy University in the future.

“In 2017 the funds that were raised were going to go to a disc golf course here on our campus. In 2018, they had a couple of different ideas. They also wanted to bring something to campus that you can take your picture on or with when you come to visit campus or if you’re on campus or around graduation time. The class of 2019 had a very special project in mind. Details are still in the works for that,” Pilar Brumbaugh, coordinator of annual giving and alumni services, said.

Each year the advancement office teams up with one particular member of the senior gift committee. This member will take the lead on the project and ensure that the project is executed by planning and coordinating fundraising events. Following graduation, the office continues to keep the senior gift representatives involved with gift.

As of now all the funds from the past three years are being held in an account specifically for the senior gift. The Office of Advancement is currently in the process of speaking with the representatives from 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 to see if the classes would like to combine all the funds to purchase one large gift.

“We have been talking to them as far as what are we wanting to do it’s been almost three years now so we’re trying to get the ball rolling so we can get a gift on campus,” Brumbaugh said.

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