LaundryView app lets students know when wash is done

By Alexa Low

On a college campus, the laundry room can get quite crowded and hectic.

Some students grab their laundry as soon as the timer ends while other wait hours on end to collect their clothes.

“Not going to lie, that does annoy me because then it kind of stuffs up my flow with doing my laundry,” Ella Gobald said. “Like exhibit A, some random person’s stuff is just out of the washer and it’s kind of annoying because I don’t know if I really feel like doing their laundry for them.”

Residence Life introduced the LaundryView mobile app last spring.

The app is designed to send text alerts to students when their laundry needs to be switched over or when the dryer is done. The app also lets students know how many washers and dryers are open without making a trip to the laundry room.

The app seems helpful but most students either don’t know it exists or do not understand how it works.

Posters line the laundry room wall with instructions on how to download the app. Once downloaded, students are instructed to scan the quick response code to identify which laundry room they will be using. Student will then be able to receive text alerts.

Gobald said the app isn’t exactly user-friendly to set up and has not been advertised well on campus and she would gladly use the app if these things changed.

“Yes, definitely. I mean I wish it would be advertised more on campus because I never really know about it and they often say ‘oh we have this really cool app that’s coming.”

As for knowing when their laundry will be done, student’s first choice seems to be setting a timer.

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