Security coverage increases as campus returns to normal

It has been eight months since Quincy University partnered with Per Mar Security, to provide greater security coverage on campus. With this deal, there are now two security officers on campus at a time, streamlining the security process and allowing more security shifts to be covered for round the clock security.

Quincy Security is continually updating security hardware around campus, widening their bubble of visibility, and creating ease of access for students. Quincy Security already has a large amount of security cameras on campus, and each year, they are able to buy new cameras and add more coverage.

This increase in awareness allows the security personnel to swiftly and more accurately solve crimes reported on campus. These cameras cover the interiors and exteriors of all the building on Main Campus and North Campus.

There are also cameras located on in the parking lots around campus. These exterior cameras are set up at an elevated position, proving a clear view of any blind spots caused by the grid of parked cars and large shrubs that would normally break one’s line of sight.

When asked about security on campus, many students stated that they felt safe on campus but were unaware of all the services provided by Campus Security.

“I don’t see many officers out and it can be scary walking around at night,” Jerriah Kelly said.

Since officers are required to provide security all over campus, they are constantly patrolling and monitoring around campus. When students feel uneasy about walking around campus, they can contact an on-duty officer at (217) 228-5600, who will escort the student safely to their destination. They provide this service in a timely manner and its available 24/7.

Since these new security officers have been working, Quincy University has been under many restrictions due to COVID-19. Many of the new officers have only experienced campus with a reduced amount of activity.

Sam Lathrop is the head of safety and security at Quincy University.

“I think, for the most part, we are experiencing a nearly normal campus now. Not as restrictive as it was during the early COVID days,” Sam Lathrop said.

He believes that the increased contact around campus is good for the security officers and will give them better experience in dealing with an open campus. As restrictions are loosened, many public activities will be coming back.

“They don’t know the weekends after football games. We haven’t had a keg race in the last two years. So, there’s a learning curve there for them,” Lathrop said.

There are manuals and protocols that each security guard is familiar with that gives detailed instructions on how to deal with the many unique scenarios they may encounter. Lathrop states that once the security officers are able to gain a familiarity with these scenarios, their skills as security officers will increase.

Campus security also provides an update on the annual crime statistics, in order to keep people informed. These crime statistics will be updated in the beginning of October.

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