QU Announces Intramural Bowling Schedule

By Alex Aubuchon

The second semester can be quite stressful for students. Papers to write, tests to take and projects to piece together. In all the hustle and bustle it’s important to take some time off for yourself and what better way to do it than by stopping by Casino Lanes to bowl a couple frames?

The Campus Activities Board announced the launch of this years intramural bowling league February 4 via email.

The league is set to last four weeks beginning February 12 at 9:00 p.m. at Casino Lanes and run every Wednesday through March 4.

Intramural bowling has been a big hit in the past with students as a great stress reliever and, a fun and competitive experience.

“I love intramural bowling season,” Alex Welborn said. “I’m from the St. Louis area so I’ve been bowling my whole life and it’s nice to get to bowl here in college as well, even if it’s only for fun.”

This competitive but friendly league fields up to 18 teams of four with the addition of an alternate. The price of admission for each team member is $4 for the first three weeks of play. Week four will be paid for by the Campus Activites Board for all members who attended the first three weeks.

Although some treat this league as a time to relax and rejuvenate, other more competitive individuals take this as an opportunity to showcase their bowling skills and compete for a prize.

“It’s all business when you step in the building,” Lane Baremore, sophomore, said. “I like to have fun as much as the next guy but when prizes and bragging rights are on the line you’ve got to lock it in and get it done.”

To keep the competitive nature flaring a winner’s prize will be awarded to the top team at the conclusion of the league on March 4.

It may be all business for Baremore but not everyone shares his competitive mentality. Emilee Autry finds this opportunity to be about more than just rolling a ball at some pins.

“I’m not crazy about bowling but it gives me the opportunity to go out and see all my friends and spend time with my girls, that I do like,” Autry said. “It’s not really about the competitive side for me but more so the social aspect of it.”

Students interested in signing up can find a sign up form in their email inbox. Included in this email is a Google Form asking for registration information. Only one member of your team is required to sign your team up.

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