Quincy University’s North Campus remains difficult to navigate

As the school year winds down and some students make their way to finals or graduation, many still find Quincy University’s North Campus layout troubling.

North Campus is on the corner of Seminary Road and 18th Street. It’s home base for the Franciscan Retreat Center, Connie Niemann Center for Music, QUTV News Studio, science faculty offices, the Music Department, the Mart Heinen Softball Complex, Legends Stadium/Jack Mackenzie Field, Stations of the Cross Garden/Prairie Rain Garden, and the Center for Science, which includes academic classrooms, an auditorium, science labs, and the music department.

Abigail Kohlberg describes her experience when navigating the building.

“It makes me feel like I’m literally in a maze,” Kohlberg said. “Like, have you ever seen Labyrinth?”

Bailee Highbarger, an orientation leader, also finds the building challenging to maneuver.

“North Campus makes me feel overwhelmed and distraught,” Highbarger said. “I wish I knew what kind of classes would be held there so I could arrange my schedule.”

She also suggested ways for QU to implement help to both incoming and current students.

“Making North Campus part of the tour day as well as providing each student with a map, virtually or on paper, would be beneficial,” Highbarger said. “I also think that posting more signs around the new buildings being used and having them closer together would be beneficial.”

The current maps of campus are from a bird’s eye view and aren’t much help when you are in the heap of hallways and stairs with little to no signage.

Kohlberg had similar suggestions for signage and wayfinding to make for an easier and quicker find for what students and guests are looking for.

“QU absolutely should implement a tour and seriously make some maps,’ Kohlberg said. “Or having a map that you can actually see what’s what with labels that you can read. When they had people to know where things are and point to them, that was helpful.”

Lori Miller, alumna, struggled with navigating North Campus in the ‘90s.

“I don’t believe that North Campus was on the tour even back then,” Miller said. “I remember walking in and feeling pretty clueless as to where my classes were. An updated in-depth tour would probably be a good idea. Or if some orientation events took place at North Campus, that could be helpful to incoming and current students as well.”

Miller also touched on how she never gained any clarity at North Campus throughout the length of her college career at QU.

“I don’t know what most of the building complex is like now, but interior signage was not much help back when I was a student,” Miller said. “As a commuter, I recall going in there blindly as a freshman and meeting other people along the way that were just as confused as me as we headed to our first classes. We even joked if we needed to get on the elevator or not.”

“I never even felt completely confident navigating North Campus when I was a senior.”

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