Brenner library offers more than just books

This is a picture of Brenner Library.

By Zach Parks

Did you know there is a place where you can rent hundreds of movies for free and all it takes is being a Quincy University student?

Free movies are located at Brenner Library on the campus of Quincy University.

The Library’s selection offers a wide-array of genres including action, comedy, romance and horror.

Upon entrance to the Library, you will find hundreds of free movies to rent at the leisure and convenience of students.

Each student is able to rent up to four movies at a time, and one has two and a half weeks before one has to return their favorite flicks.

This allotted time allows Quincy students, where the overwhelming majority are athletes, to use the movies for entertainment purposes outside the athletic field.

The two-step process makes the movie rental exchange convenient for all parties involved.

A student has to first grab their desired film, and then provide their student identification card for proof they’re enrolled in the university and eligible for rental.

Redbox and Family Video across the street may seem like afforable options for college students, but those costs can add up.

If an avid movie watcher views a few flicks a week, costs can exceed over a hundred dollars by the end of a semester.

The selection in Brenner quells the thirst of those who want to view the latest relases and most trendy hits loading the box offices such as Avengers End Game, Dumbo, Star Wars Solo, and many more contemporary options.

Will Kaiser, a sophomore business major, was surprised by the diverse selection that was offered.

“I think that having free movie rentals at the library is great,” Kaiser said. looking at these movies I am surprised on how many movies they actually have, there is some great movies here.”

Although Kaiser credits the library for their options, its not something he thinks he’ll ever do.

“I don’t think that I would actually ever rent a movie though,” Kaiser said. “I don’t have access to a DVD player, and with Netflix and all the other apps out there with hundreds of movies on it there is no reason for me to go out of my way to get movies.”

Jackson Gregory, a student-employee at Brenner library thinks that a lot of students are unaware of that fact that movies are offered.

“For the most part books get rented out here, but the reason is because I don’t think that a lot of the students on campus know about our free movie rentals, so I rarely have students come in and rent out movies,” Gregory said.

Tyler Carpenter, sophomore student athlete, really enjoys the free movie rentals.

“Being able to rent any movie you would like for free is very convenient,” Carpenter said.”There are a lot of movies in the library that aren’t on any of my streaming services I have, which is awesome.”

Free entertainment is almost impossible nowadays, and typically college students have to operate on a budget that stretches’ their dollar to the maximum capacity.

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