Empty store shelves cause stress

By Micah Wheeler

The number of casualties has been increasing world wide as the Coronavirus/Covid-19 continues to affect more people across the globe. 

States such as New York, Florida, and Nevada have thousands of infected citizens. There is an obvious pattern that suggests that the higher populated areas are more likely to have higher numbers of infected than less populated areas.

Cities such as Chicago and St. Louis also have a significantly high numbers of citizens that have been infected as well.

“The main reason why the virus is spreading so rapidly is because people are not taking it seriously and still roam around large groups of people,” Presnard Dorlus, St. Louis resident, said. “States don’t order a state of emergency for [explicative] and giggles.” 

In the early stages of the pandemic, citizens began stocking up on groceries leaving dozens of shelves bone dry. Some items cannot even be found in stores such as: toilet paper, paper towels, disinfectant wipes, disinfectant spray, hand sanitizer, and bleach.

“I had to ask my neighbors for some toilet paper and even they said they barely have any, that’s how bad it is,” Abimael Ortega, Las Vegas resident, said.

Grocery stores have done their very best to keep water available but have limited the number of cases a person can take at a time. Some stores, such as Costco, even limit the amount of people they let in the store in an attempt to even out the amount of water being taken.

 The White house has also taken action as Trump and his administration teamed up with other companies to help manufacture supplies to keep the sick people taken care of as well as provide the proper supplies to the citizens that are not sick to make sure they do not contract the virus.

“Nationwide the Army Corps of Engineers is building 22 field hospital along with alternate care sites ,which are smaller hospitals, in 18 different states.” Trump said during a presidential briefing. “Almost twelve million respirators have been distributed to the states as well as 26.5 million surgical masks, 4 million surgical gowns and 22.6 million gloves.”

 Many restaurants and other public venues had to close their doors for safety regulations which left a large number of people unemployed. According to CBS Sacramento there were nearly 900,000 people who filed for unemployment in Sacramento within one week. So Far, the government has agreed to do something to help subsidize some of these families but the unemployment numbers are still increasing. 

“It stresses me out knowing that I won’t be able to pay some of my bills,” Morgan Heckmen, Quincy resident, said. “Everything just happened out of nowhere and it kind of put our lives on hold. I feel especially sorry for the seniors because they were so close to graduation but had to get sent home.”

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