QU student athletes continue to work in spite of COVID-19

Joel Mcilroy juggling a soccer ball

By Michele Barletta

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in all sports being cancelled for the immediate future, starting at youth levels and going right through to the professional leagues.

The internet is overflowing with home workouts and ways for athletes to stay in shape. And the student-athletes at QU are determined not to let the spread of the virus hinder their personal development.

Trent Champagne is a member of the QU men’s basketball team and has big plans to come out on the other side of this a faster and stronger player whilst sharpening his basketball skills.

“Some players won’t work out because they’re using this as an excuse, but I’m using this to stay ahead of the curve,” Champagne said.

Audrey Hermann plays softball at QU and says that while her coaches have been extremely supportive and helpful by providing the team with workouts and encouragement, it is the support of her teammates that has spurred her on.

“One thing that keeps me motivated are my teammates! A few of us FaceTime each other during workouts and we always talk about how exciting it will be to get back to school,” Hermann said.

Going for runs has certainly become a popular type of exercise as people look for ways to give themselves some time outside of the house. Hermann and Champagne have taken up running recently, so has Marvion Harris of QU Football.

“I mostly do bodyweight workouts but I like going for runs. I can listen to music and also clear my head,” Harris said.

Harris believes that it’s extremely important not to stop your progress as an athlete due to the amount of time it’ll take to get back on track. Harris compares this developmental process to one’s performance in the classroom.

“It’s like your grades, if they start slipping it takes a lot to get them back up, so its better to just stay on top of of it,” Harris said.

Hermann’s softball season was unfortunately cut short due to the rapid outbreak of COVID-19 and says that the whole team wants to make sure that they’re ready to work towards next season once they return to campus.

“I think it’s very important to continue the progress we have made because we have worked so hard all year and I know everyone was looking forward to starting conference play,” Hermann said.

Finding the motivation to workout from home can be tough. For Harris, its his future goals that get him out of bed and ready to work.

“What keeps me motivated is my family mostly and wanting to make it to the NFL especially after just watching the draft,” Harris said.

Champagne believes that even though it can be difficult to find the motivation to work out, you have to do it to keep progressing.

“It’s important because its mentally tough, it’s not easy to work out by yourself but you’ve got to try and keep pushing yourself,” Champagne said.

Hermann says that the softball team was starting to come together just before their season was canceled.

We never really got the chance to come together on the field,” Hermann said. “We are all very close as a team and get along really well off the field and I know we are all eager to get back and start playing again.”

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